I am a HUGE fan!

To anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Northwoods,

In July of 2015, I accepted a position with a company in the Wisconsin Northwoods. We were relocating from Indiana and didn’t know much about Tomahawk, other than it was beautiful and seemed like a great place to raise our adventurous boys. We didn’t have much time to find a home and needed an agent that would go the extra mile to help us find the perfect place. That is where Kim Brixius of RE/MAX came to the rescue.

Kim put in A LOT of extra time (including evenings and weekends) researching homes, arranging for us to see houses that we were interested in (often with very short-to-no notice) and took the time necessary to figure out exactly what we were looking for (i.e. she was extremely patient with us, as we tried to figure it out ourselves). She found the perfect home for us, nestled on five acres of woods and with beautiful amenities through and through. Kim then made the purchase process absolutely seamless by coordinating with everyone (sellers, inspections, title, lenders, survey, etc.) and stayed on top of everything, keeping everyone moving forward to an on-time close. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother process and Kim’s way-above-and-beyond effort is exactly why.

Then, only several months later, I received the terrible news that my father unexpectedly passed away. My wife and I made the decision that we needed to relocate to Missouri, in order to help care for my mother. We reached back out to Kim and explained the situation to her. She was extremely sympathetic, understanding that we had a lot to deal with, and so she made it a priority to take care of everything related to the sale right away. In fact, she sold the house so fast for us, that I don’t even think it had time to make it into the MLS system! Then, just as before, she continued to keep everything moving forward for an ahead-of-schedule and successful close.

If anyone needs help finding the perfect home or selling their home quickly, I can’t express enough that Kim Brixius is who you want to talk to … she will go above-and-beyond to take great care of you. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions about the great service that Kim provided to us … I am a huge fan (and now friend).


Kim Brixius

Kim Brixius